Natural Remedies for the Flu Season

February 16, 2018

HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT for Self-Limited of Flu Symptoms:


- This is a list of homeopathic remedies that may reduce symptoms or shorten the length of the flu.


- I frequently use these homeopathic remedies in my practice, but I am a physician, and I know when to send a patient to the hospital, or order a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia.


- Please visit your doctor, Urgent Care or Emergency Department if you feel like you are not getting better, if you have a fever or cough or other troublesome symptoms that last more than 1-2 days.


- TO SELECT THE BEST REMEDY TO YOU - Choose the remedy that fits your specific symptoms. Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating your vitality. Remedies are most effective when they match the symptoms you are experiencing. 


- You can pick up most homeopathic remedies from local health stores or online. I recommend starting with a 30C potency, take every 30 minutes until symptoms improve. If symptoms do not improve after 2 hours select another remedy or see a doctor. The flu is serious, many "healthy" people, including children, die from the flu each year.


1. Aconite

After exposure to cold, dry wind, A.C. Aconite is s good choice when symptoms come on suddenly, symptoms are intense, fever is intense, there is an intense feeling of coldness! They may have heat of single parts of the body, like hands, head, chest, etc.

Anxiety and feeling restless, it is hard for them so be still.

Pains are intense. Headache is heavy or bursting. Pulse is fast.

They feel worse from heat, symptoms occur or are worse after midnight (cough, fever, anxiety, etc), after exposure to dry-cold or fright.

Fever: during fever the skin is hot and dry, there is sudden, intense chilliness, and perspiration is profuse - the patient is temporarily relieved from sweating. There is a craving cold drinks - everything tastes bitter but water!

Hot hands with cold feet, numbness and tingling of limbs. Lungs: dry cough, horse and croupy. Shortness of breath. Sputum can be rust colored, frothy, or blood-streaked mucus.


2. Belladonna

Similar to Aconite - flu symptoms starts very fast and are intense. Head is hot, red face, patient radiates heat. Severe headaches - pulsating, throbbing, knife-like, maddening. Spasmodic coughing. Worse from motion, from being jarred (bumped), light, touch, sounds.

Hot in general since catching the flu. Hands and feet are icy cold (with hot head), or hands are cold with hot feet. There can be delirium with a fever this high. Generally feel worse at 3pm they are hypersensitive to noise, touch, light. Throat is dry, may choke easily, feel like throat is too narrow to swallow and spit up drinks. There is little of no perspiration during fever or only perspiration on the parts that are covered up. Better from being covered up especially the head - they want is wrapped up so it’s warm.


3. Arnica

Bruised, feels beaten, soreness. Head is feels subjectively hot while the rest of the body feels cold.

Mentally dull - they feel out of it, or mentally dazed when asked a question.

Unable to find comfortable position in bed - the bed feels too hard (Pyrogenium, Baptisia).

Does not want to be approached or touched by others since catching the flu.



4. Bryonia:

Worse from slight movement - increases pain! Breathing and coughing is increases pain! They feel better from pressure or lying on painful part of body. Irritable. Warm. Very thirsty for large amounts of water.

Bryonia is effective when pains are severe and are made worse from motion, better when they lay on painful area of the body. Pains often described as - sharp, stitching, stabbing, bursting, shooting, poking…

Bryonia is a great choice when the flu suffer all of a sudden becomes irritable, or wants to be left alone and was not like this prior to catching the flu. Craving huge amounts of water + dry, cracked lips, dry skin, dry constipated stool.

Bryonia is also good when there is a painful cough with the desire to get more air into the lungs. During the cough the patient may even hold their chest because the cough causes so much motion. Red face, Congestive headache. Hypersensitivity: lights, noise, touch (Nux vomica, Belladonna).


5. Arsenicum album:

Flu with vomiting and diarrhea and the same time. Cold, Afraid, Restless and Exhausted.

Worse: midnight, 1am, cold food, cold drinks cause diarrhea and/or vomiting

Restlessness & fear + exhaustion & weakness + coldness of the entire body.

Finding relief from heat - in all forms - warm room, food, drinks heating pads.

This remedy provides great relief for burning pains that are relieved from warmth.

Headaches or heat in the face - the only symptoms relieved by cold - asking for a cool washcloth, or put their head in the freezer!

They don’t want to be left alone - and are better with company.


6. Gelsemium:

Flu + intense weakness, sleepiness, heavy, lethargic, sore mental dullness, dizzy.

The head feels heavy. Heavy, dull, headache. Headache starts in the neck or back of the head & extend to the forehead.

Eyelids feel very heavy, they droop - feel tired.  “I just want to close my eyes”.

Face is hot and flushed. Chills: shivers or chills run up and down the back.

Limbs: Weakness & trembling of legs when walking a little. Aching, weakness, heaviness in the arms and legs.

Patient feels better after urinating.


7. Eupatorium perf:

Flu with unbearable body aches with intense aching of bones or muscles - feels like bones are broken.

Very thirsty but drinking brings on the chills. Chills occur in the back - run up and down the back. Very chilly - want to be warmly covered. Symptoms are their worst from 7 - 9 am. High fever (over 102F). Coughing - hoarse, tickling causes cough, coughing causes pain in the chest, they may hold their chest to reduce pain (See Bryonia). Cough better from standing on hands and knees.


8. Pulsatilla - stuffy nose in a warm or stuffy room <—> discharge of yellow-green thick mucus in open air & in the morning. Body aches that change places.

Dry mouth + not thirsty. They tend to feel better in open, cool air. Overall worse when the room is stuffy and tend to be warm since becoming sick. Itchy, irritated eyes may become bloodshot or infected.

Cough wakes them from sleep, difficulty breathing at night in bed. They may have a melody or song in their mind that repeats and keeps them awake at night.


9. Rhus tox:

Restlessness, aching and stiffness. Desire to move or stretch to relieve body aches.

The back feels like it might break and back pain improves from deep pressure, motion, or stretching. Flu that come on after exposure to cold, damp weather. Better warmth, very hot showers, warm baths. May have cold sores in or around mouth (Herpes), on lips. Tongue coated white with red tip.


10. Nux vomica: Overly sensitive to everything; noises, light, cold air, etc.

Angry, irritable over the slightest thing since getting sick (Bryonia). This is a good choice for very chilly patients. Even moving the bed covers brings on chills and shivering! Wants to be warm, wants warm covers.

When the flu comes on very quickly after exposure to cold winter air.

Sneezing, runny nose, cough is worse in the morning.

May be nauseous but cannot vomit. May feel like they need to have a BM but can only go a little or can’t go at all

Sleeplesness - wakes at 3-4 and can’t go back to sleep until morning.



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